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Light Nelson - 'An Introduction'.jpg

An introduction...  by Larisse Hall
(Available: Hidden Sculpture Garden, 4854 Motueka Valley Highway, Tapawera, Tasman)

Fusing the ethereal quality of light with the materiality of paint and form, Larisse Hall uses light (our most primal time tool) as both medium and time reference

Her  signature 'light infused painting' takes the traditional and reinterprets it into a new painting genre. Incorporating physical light as medium, Hall glazes translucent layers of oil paint, on hand stretched forms, to create time trans-formative, tangible forms. These exist as paintings by day. Subtly breathing. Paradoxically, as it darkens however, they transform. Illuminating. The painted surface morphs beyond the paint, into something ethereal and intangible. The colour and energy of light emanating, extends the 'painting' beyond the form, to 'embrace' the viewer. Her works, living and breathing through time.


Acknowledging time is a constant yet not an infinite resource. Our actions today, impact beyond our now.


With teenagers in the house, this is an important concern within Hall's work

A full time arts practitioner since 2008 Hall was recently awarded a Special Prize Winner of the Arte Laguna Prize (Venice, Italy) 16  21/22, winning an Artist Residency with Final Exhibition at Espronceda, Barcelona, Spain (dates tbc).   Details:


Larisse Hall Paitings and Sculpture Work Colourful

Innuendo (by night) SOLD

An introduction... (by day)  by Larisse Hall
(Available: Hidden Sculpture Garden, 4854 Motueka Valley Highway, Tapawera, Tasman)

 An introduction... (by night, as originally featured Light Nelson 2014) by Larisse Hall

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